Q&A with Carmen: Consolidate Credit Card Debt Via Non-profit Credit Counciling Agency

Carmen Wong Ulrich
Carmen Wong Ulrich

By Carmen Wong Ulrich

Question:I recently viewed The Millionaire Inside. It was a very informative show and I appreciate you making this available to the public. During the program you listed several ideas improving your credit ratings. One being to consolidate your credit card debts with a non-profit credit counciling agency. Please provide me with a name, address, and telephone number of an agency that you recommend that services Roanoke, Virginia.

-P.J.B. from Virginia

Answer: When it comes to consolidating debt or looking for credit counseling, I always recommend that you go with a non-profit agency. As debt piles have risen in this country, so have shady businesses looking to make money off of those who need help. To protect yourself, head to an organization such as the National Federation for Credit Counseling (www.NFCC.org). Through their website you'll be able to find an NFCC counselor near you and can be assured that you're working with someone who's there to help, not to add to your money troubles.