Jason Arasheben tells YOU how to THINK BIG!

THINK BIG!!!!!!!!

One thing I learned and one thing I know is that success has a direct correlation with THINKING BIG!!! Aim for the moon and you’ll at least be among the stars. From Mussolini to Bill Gates, these people thought big and made it big. Big like a tyrannosaurus rex on steroids, big like the clock around Flavor Flavs neck, Big like P-Diddy’s ego; thinking big is where its at.

In my college years, I was $28,000 in debt and I knew that serving ice cream at Baskin Robbins or wiping the flies off car windows by a freeway over ramp wouldn’t cut it. I loved people, I loved the interaction, and most importantly I loved thinking big business! Even though I was in debt, sleeping on a friends couch amongst cockroaches the size of my 1987 Volvo, I knew I had to think big to get somewhere so I decided to dive in head first into the jewelry business. Diamonds; BIG, BIG diamonds!

I knew immediately that my target demographic were over the top flashy nuevo rich executives, royalty and other celebrities. Fortunately for me, Los Angeles did not lack in that department. Did I know anything about the jewelry industry? NO! Did I know how to tell the difference between a diamond and a broken off piece of soap, NO! I didn’t care because I knew I was going to make it and I did. Like an overly jealous stalker boyfriend, I was a predator in the night and my prey were high net worth individuals that would give me a chance.

After long nights studying the ins and outs of diamonds, I finally did it; I struck gold. I used my charm, persistence, and good looks (at least I thought so) to finally land my first client. My salesmanship would make a Texan used car salesman shed a tear of jealousy.

My name began to spread like wildfire and through word of mouth I became the premier celebrity jeweler in Beverly Hills. I serve everyone from celebrities like Jessica Alba and Lebron James to corporate giants like Mattel.

Thinking back, if I was happy peddling plastic hairclips to college girls, I would never be where I am today! My formula was simple, I thought BIG and I went for it! That’s all it really takes!

- Jason Arasheben, Big Thinker!