Does Your Boss "Love" You? Take This Test To Find Out

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

Business coach and author John McKee suggests that this Valentine’s Day, maybe you should show some love not just to the love of your life, but also to the boss. His “quiz” helps uncover if you are the boss’s “pet—or just pet peeve.”

Real Jane and Fake Jane both took the quiz. Now you can, too!

1. Would you go out of your way to ensure your boss looks good and succeeds--however deserved, or not?

Real Jane: I have to think about that one.

Fake Jane: Forget it.

2. Do you present yourself in the best way possible; carrying yourself with good posture and wearing attire that imparts your professional stature, abilities and success?

Real Jane: Um…yes?

Fake Jane: If I had professional stature, abilities and success, then I might carry myself that way.

3. Do you make it a point to be in the office whenever your boss is working, even after hours, on weekends, or early in the morning?

Real Jane: No.

Fake Jane: Never.

4. Do you keep your boss well apprised of what you are planning or currently working on?

Real Jane: Yes!

Fake Jane: No (I’m not ever really “working” on anything).

5. Do you actively keep your skill set current and progressive?

Real Jane: Yes!

Fake Jane: I refuse to answer questions that include the phrase “skill set.”

6. Do you share “job well done” recognition with others rather than taking sole credit?

Real Jane: yes!

Fake Jane: I would, if they ever did a job well. They don’t, because they’re all idiots.

7. Do you know what you’re worth, monetarily speaking, in the current marketplace?

Real Jane: Unfortunately, yes.

Fake Jane: Unfortunately, yes.

8. Do you usually come to meetings adequately prepared to impress?

Real Jane: I guess.

Fake Jane: I don’t do meetings.

9. Do you communicate with co-workers, including your boss, primarily in-person versus e-mail whenever possible?

Real Jane: No. They’re 3,000 miles away.

Fake Jane: I wouldn’t do it if they were 3 feet away.

10. Do you exude a positive attitude, even when dealing with difficult situations?

Real Jane: Yes!

Fake Jane: Real Jane is a liar.

Here’s John McKee’s scorecard: you get one point for every “yes”:

10 = Perfect. Bosses love you and you will be successful.
9 = Brilliant—your boss has surely noticed your efforts and your career will undoubtedly blossom.
8=Well done. Bosses wish they had more employees like you.
7 = Solid. While there’s room for improvement, you’re not as bad as some other employees.
6 = Good. You’re doing fine, but you’ll need to do better to impress the boss and turbo-charge your career path.
5 = Close but no cigar. Step it up if you want to succeed over the long haul.
4 = Sub par--quit watching “The Office” on TV – you seem to think that’s the way office behavior “should be”.
3 = Warning! You may be in dangerous waters with the head honcho. Time to regroup and alter your work habits before it’s too late.
2 = Writing is on the wall. If you haven’t considered changing jobs by now, give it strong consideration.
1 = Time for a change. Starting a sole proprietorship might be your best bet.
0 = You’re kidding right? Count your blessings that you got hired in the first place (just keep your resume very handy).

Real Jane’s score: 6.5

Fake Jane’s score: 1

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