Tech, Financials and Vice Stocks for Your Portfolio

Stocks are up today after billionaire investor Warren Buffett offered a reinsurance plan to troubled bond insurers. However, the Sage of Omaha cannot single-handedly erase investor caution.

To help investors navigate this volatile market, CNBC asked the experts where investors should place their bets.

Road to Tobacco Profits

"We like Altria right here today. In fact, it's one of our largest holdings at the Vice Fund, and we think there's going to be tremendous value after the spinoff. I absolutely cannot wait to be a shareholder of an independent Phillip Morris International. I think that both companies combined will do very well independently."

Charles Norton, Vice Fund Portfolio Manager

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Santelli recommends: Altria and Carolina Group

Buy Tech Stocks

"January was clearly a reversal of much of the strength in technology last year. We think the earnings have come through, actually, pretty well."

Bob Doll, BlackRock's Vice Chairman and Global CIO of Equities

Doll recommends: IBM, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft



Smooth Stocks in a Rough Sector

"We are very much interested in companies like Fidelity National Financial, which will be one of the title companies that will be going through all the refinancings, collecting revenue from rebuilding all of this mortgage debt that's going to be defaulting. We also like Nasdaq. The exchanges are a good way to play in this market as well."

Andy Bischel, SKBA Capital Management Chief Investment Officer

Bischel recommends: Fidelity National Financial and Nasdaq