BlackRock's Doll: Buy Big Tech Names


Bob Doll is bullish on technology.

Despite recent reversals, BlackRock's vice chairman and global chief investment officer for equities sees the sector on the move.

"January was clearly a reversal of much of the strength in technology last year," he told CNBC.

"We think the earnings have come through, actually, pretty well."

Technology's global reach makes the sector especially attractive, according to Doll.

"These companies have a lowered dollar, despite its recent move up, at their back, and that's a huge positive," he said. "They're winning market share around the world."

So who's on Doll's "technology buy" list?

"IBM, we think, is still a good name; Hewlett Packard ; on the sell-off related to Yahoo, we are accumulating Microsoft shares, so there would be three names I would use," he said.