You Vote: Big Idea or Bad Idea?

You've heard the experts, now it's your chance to tell us what you think! Are these Big Ideas or Bad Ideas? Let us know and find out what everybody is thinking!

Oprah Winfrey's super colossal empire is growing even bigger. Now she's opening a store in Chicago. It's going to sell all the things she likes to her legions of fans.

60 is the new 10 in England! Britain is opening it's first playground for senior citizens. It's got all the playground favorites like swings and carousels, only they've been redesigned to provide these folks with gentle exercise.

Are you tired of marketing campaigns concocted around a phony election? In Australia, the different colored M&Ms are trying to win your vote. They have the posters and the slogans... But check this out: the only female M&M of the batch - Green M&M - is a tramp! Is that right?

Here's a fashion statement that will turn some heads. Check out these hoodies they're selling in England.. with a full face mask built in.

Would YOU let a hotel fingerprint you? A new technology is being tested that would let you get in and out of your room with a fingerprint and eye scan... It would mean you never lose your key... But is that giving up too much privacy?