Digital Replay & Recap: Gloria Mayfield Banks' Millionaire Secrets

What a great time I had at the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Such energy with Donny and everyone that is associated with the show.

I was thrilled to speak about 5 Points that really can make a difference in one business when it is small and growing and when it is big and growth is still a priority.

1. Become a People Magnet: Be on purpose with drawing people to you. Building strong people skills is important no matter what you do. The more people are pleased to be in your space and feel better when they are with you the more effective you will be. People want to be Celebrated not Tolerated – how can you make them fill better. Some small things can make all the difference. Smile with energy and show your teeth – not pressing your lips together, stand up straight with your shoulders back, make sure you speak loud enough so your voice is heard, direct eye contact and a firm/meaningful hand shake gives people a lasting impression of your confidence.

Create a place for people to win. Being in the profession of sales and being a motivational speaker, I am clear that people love to create under the momentum of accomplishing a goal and making a positive difference. People love to love what they are doing and winning in the game of life drives passion, increases creativity and creates the power and determination necessary to excel. Become an expert at finding peoples needs and filling them when you can.

2. Short Term Clear Strategic Goals backed by Big Thinking: Everything starts with a dream. This is the place where your personal juices start to flow towards creating some new and difference. But dreams alone will not produce results; hard work alone will not produce the correct results. Yet specific short-term BIG yet achievable goals assist a person in gaining momentum towards his dream and builds confidence. Understanding that a good year is made from good months, good months come from good weeks and good weeks come from great days. Write down your plan, make it very clear and always make a daily to do list. Planning makes the plan clear, understandable and it takes a big goal and turns it into doable steps.
Clear goals create passion; passion drives the creativity that pushes you to a place you have never been before. To get the fruit you must go out on the limb – everyone who has achieved success has these experiences to reflect and build upon.

3. Create a Powerful Circle of Influence: You always become like the people you hang around. Show me your friends and I will show you your future. One must be on purpose with deciding the people that will influence your thoughts, information, decisions and perceptions. You will have to tell some people (some friends) goodbye for now because they are not positive nor are they positive or encouraging about your wiliness to take risk. Negative responses and options can be very expensive. I believe it is important to take advice from people you are willing to exchange places with not just people who offer advice – mostly unsolicited advice. It is ok to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat. Surrounding yourself with excellent powerful help who love what they do creates a success platform of excellence – then others with excellent are drawn to be a part of your dream, actions and results.

4. Work the Numbers: Opportunities are endless but most don’t know it because they are not asking, they are not offering. Fear, rejection, assuming decisions for other people stop many people in their tracks from just asking. Many people need to focus on the activity of offering. Focus on the number of people they are asking not just the answers. To get more yeses you have to ask more people and therefore get more no’s. No’s cannot be taken personally, the customer does not know you well enough to make a judgment about you. They are saying yes or no to what you are offering. Once you are clear that you have something that will make a positive impact on others be willing to asking enough people, make enough presentations, deliver enough explanations so that you are in front of enough decision makers that yes’ will come in volumes.

5. Study Hard to Become Skill-Based: My education at Harvard University’s School of Business showed me the value of preparation and detailed understanding whenever possible. Studying brings competence, competence builds confidence, and confidence produces BIG results. Being skilled and knowledgeable turns a professional into a problem-solver and leader; which in turn increases their effectiveness and quickens the pace of moving towards the goal. Change is important in business, the awareness that comes from studying and the determination to win makes change easier no matter how big the mountain you are choosing to climb. Put the time in book study, internet study, people study – Class is never out for the pro.