Finding Fortune In Financials and Food


Robert Zagunis of Jensen Asset Management has been looking over the horizon, and at a time of general market turbulence, skepticism, and fear, he sees buying opportunities in companies in sectors as diverse as financials and food.

"I think that economic cycles are inevitable," he told CNBC. "There are opportunities, and...that's where some of the long-term investors should focus."

How do those opportunities work into his strategy?

"We look at companies that have a very strong international position, because it mutes the impact of the U.S. economy," he said. "Certainly, the financial sector has been battered so badly that there's some good opportunities there. There's also some companies that have a strong cash flow, that take the opportunity when there's crisis in the industry or the economy to strengthen their market share, and we see that as a good opportunity as well."

What looks good in the financial sector, and among those companies growing market share?

"We like Wells Fargo, and have, for quite some time," Zagunis said.

"Certainly, on the theme of growing market share, there's...the food distributor Sysco

, which has had a tough time in the market, but at the same time, it's developing its regional distribution centers, and that's taking market share away from its competitors, so as soon as there's a little bit of strength in the economy, they'll be very well positioned."