That's Me In A Speedo--Because I Could!

Readers of this blog know I'm not afraid to show my body. I created a stir when I had Nike send me a shirt that didn't look flattering on Tiger. For those who missed it, I've included the photo.

How do I look? photo composite
How do I look?

And, unfortunately, I'm doing it again. This morning, I interviewed Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who was pitching his relationship with Visa, on our "Squawk Box" show. In a Speedo.

I did this because I could. No, it's not like I've been fat and I needed to work out. It more has to do with the fact that the swimsuits the Olympians are wearing this summer (the Fastskin LZR Racers) are full body deals. So I called the folks at Speedo and told them, just to be safe, to send me a size too big (XL).

Not surprisingly, it wasn't too big. You can see a photo of me after the interview, with Phelps.

Darren Rovell in a S_23274083

When I first tried it on yesterday to see if it was safe for even cable, it took me about 10 minutes to get into. This morning, after lifting weights and doing push ups, I slipped into the thing in about three minutes.

At $550, I can't imagine that this will be Speedo's best selling suit, even with the Olympians wearing it. But if you really want to wear a Speedo, this could be the safest option.