Q&A with Ric: Protecting Your ROR

Ric Endelman
Ric Endelman

By Ric Edelman

Question:I don't know what to do! I'm 58 and have an 8 year old and a 12 year old. I worked for 35 years for the big three and have a fair retirement when I get to age 62. I had three hundred thousand saved. I don't have any bills. And have a great score for now. I settled an out of court case that covered me till I retired ( I Thought ) but the company put an R.O.R in the settlement (this means they can stop paying and they did) My Lawyer didn't catch the R.O.R and now I have no money coming in, no insurance, and most of my savings are gone. In the settlement I'm restricted from working for the most part. It has already cost me my marriage and I still have 4 years to go before I get any retirement. The statute was up on me to do anything to the lawyer two years before I new I had a problem (Based on Michigan law passed in 07, Common Law). The company covered themselves as well. --Jim

Answer: You have not asked a question, so I don’t know how to reply. Since your issue is a legal matter, I recommend that you seek (yet more) legal advice.