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Amilya, I have been the owner of a successful business for 11 years. I have recently developed a product completely unrelated to my current business, and after completeing my pre-patent process, I am ready to meet with CEO's and executives, but I cannot get past the switchboard. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks -

Wayne M. from Burlington, Kentucky

Amilya's Answer:


Thank you for writing to me and watching " The Big Idea"

As a business owner you yourself have created a team that handle things for you so that you can stay focused "on" your business instead of "in" your business. The CEO's and executives


your trying to reach have done the same thing to make the best use of their time. What you need is a champion with in your target company to help you get a meeting with the decision makers. Therefore, you need to create a win/win for a marketing director, sales manager or maybe even a vendor that does business with your target business to help facilitate this meeting. My suggestion is as a business owner how best do you like to be approached to hear new information and/or ideas. What would cause you "pause" and ask to hear more.

This is a great time to put on your creative hat and think of things that you can do to help someone else's agenda inside the organization who in turn will help you.

An example from my own journey. I was trying to get the attention of a high level executive that would not return my calls, my cards, or my emails. After what seemed like the millionth call to his assistant she told me that he was tied up with a major disaster and that the
entire marketing team was scrambling. She went on to say with that their national event that was just weeks away and they had lost their key note due to an illness in the family that he had to attend to. They were scrambling to find a suitable replacement on very short notice. Since I happen to have many years experience in this world, I ask her who they were trying to reach out to to replace the keynote. I then put every once of energy into working my way thorough my network to find a way to facilitate a phone call between my contact
(impressive speaker) and the executive I was trying to contact for months. Needless to say, my enthusiasm and passion to help them with their problem led to a very successful meeting between us a month later after their event.

The lesson for me was that everyone is trying to get something done, reach someone, or build a relationship. Every-time I have helped someone get what they need I was then able to have a attentive ear on what I was proposing

I hope this gives you a place to start brainstorming.

Thank you for inviting me along part of your journey



They Say I make the world's best fudge. I would love to make this into a business but I have no clue how to start. Can you help me out?? Thank you for your time!

Tamara N. from Lake Arrowhead, CA

Amilya's Answer:


Thank you for your email and watching " the Big Idea"

I love fudge and as you know there are several fudge products out in the market. What you need to ask yourself and think about is this. Can I make the worlds best fudge and make money at it? So does the retail price that is already set in the consumers mind out in the market place today minus what it costs you to make the worlds best fudge ( including labor) a difference in price worth pursuing?

So many people who have "great ideas" forget to research "IF " they can make money at the idea. When the market already has a set acceptable range for a retail price point ( a price consumers are trained to pay within a certain range for fudge.... and most will not pay double or triple that number just for great fudge.. or for those who will pay that high mark up is such a small market share that its hard to do those small numbers enough to make a living at it)

My suggestion is study the model of Mrs.Prindables gourmet apples and Berry Gourmet.
Look at their value proposition " their super duper Apple or Strawberry" offer verses the price difference of a regular not so fancy dipped apple or strawberry then work that % difference into your numbers you researched above

Is there any money in it???

I hope this helps you a bit or at least gives you some new information to think about... please share comments :)

Thank you for sharing part of your journey with me!


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