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I am starting an office cleaning business (Ive been cleaning homes for years) and need advice on how to initially market the business (I have very little capital), and how price this type of
cleaning. I'm a single mom, 2 kids, and I need some mentoring!

Thank you,

- Diane M. from Toms River, New Jersey

Mike's Answer:


This is a great question for me, since my firm looked at investing in a
office cleaning startup. We did not do the project, but here are some tips
we learned to getting it going with little money.


1. Be Different! Every cleaning company comes in at night, and the next morning the workers come in an usually don't even notice the cleaning was done. Take a lesson from some of the nicer hotels and leave a chocolate on each persons desk, with a note saying thank you for letting us clean your office.

2. Get The CEO Involved. The responsibility of cleaning has been historically pushed of to the receptionist to find somebody. When you are cleaning the offices, leave a rating system for feedback from all peoples office cleaned. Send a report of the ratings you are getting to the CEO once every quarter.

3. Before and After. Traditional office cleaning is a little dusting here, empty garbage there and a quick vacuum. When you go to a client(or prospect) swab commonly filthy areas, such as the bathroom and show the client how dirty it is. Introduce an air filter system, antibacterial cleaning etc. and then do regular check ups to show how much cleaner it really is.

4. Do It For Free. To get new clients, offer to do a cleaning for free for a full month. Then offer to continue for your normal rates. Cleaning is a game of incumbent players. Once you are in, it is hard to get kicked out. So come in for free, show how great your are and become the incumbent.

Hope these tips help. Women are often the best entrepreneurs, since women have better intuition. Additionally, as a single mom, you have the opportunity to expose your children to entrepreneurship at an early age. Two great things you have going for you.

Make them proud, Mom! And make yourself a millionaire too!!!

Best of luck.

- Mike Michalowicz, Obsidian Launch



Will you give me any knowledge on where to get started if i wanted to start my own clothing/shoe line or maybe open a store that sells licensed product in my area? thank you for reading my question and have a great day!

- Sed from Greenville, Alabama

Mike's Answer:


My question in response is do you have an industry knowledge? If not, getting started will be more difficult but not impossible. The key to launching any product is that you need to be the best at it. On the show you heard us talk over and over about PASSION. And there is a good reason, if you really love what you do, you will become the best at it.

My theme is start small, exploit the fact that you are small, and grow at a pace that you can sustain profitability. There are a lot of success stories that come out of the local flee markets, and small trade shows. Maybe that is where you want to start.

In regards to starting a retail store, that is entirely different than launching a product line. It may require more capital to start a store, believe it or not (particularly in stocking inventory).

Me personally, I would skip the store and go for the clothing line. But again, that's me.

- Mike Michalowicz, Obsidian Launch



I have a small company, that is growing quickly on the back of my sales. I have tried to hire sales people and each one is a flop. What do I need to do to hire a good sales person?

- Jaime R. from Long Island City, NY

Mike's Answer:


If you are hiring a sales person because of their experience, that is a mistake. A book of business will not necessarily be the panacea you are looking for either. Hire a sales person based upon her attitudes, energy and in particular because of her raw enthusiasm for the product/service you have.

Attitude, energy and enthusiasm overcomes everything else and is the most critical component of sales success.

- Mike Michalowicz, Obsidian Launch

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