Energy Powers His Portfolio


Oil's surge above $100 per barrel this week puts energy and materials stocks in the spotlight.

Evan Smith of U.S. Global Investors has a couple of unexpected selections in the sector that could pay off for investors.

Smith's four-star Global resources Fund is up an average of 43.93 percent per year over the last five years.

His first selection is Core Labs.

"We like the growth over the next several years," he told CNBC. "It provides key technologies for recovering oil and gas from older fields as well as for helping to develop new oil and gas fields aorund the world."

Much better known is Vale do Rio Doce.

"They just recently negotiated a 65 percent increase this year for their iron ore," Smith explained. "They account for about one-third of the global seaborne iron ore trade."

He says he sees continued tightness in the market, because of the demand for steel as countries build out their infrastructure.