Investment Picks: Tech, Commodities and More

As the trading week gets underway Monday, CNBC asked the pros how to keep your stock portfolio in the green.

Find a Bargain: STC

“What we like here is the company [Stewart Info.] is trading significantly below its book value of $42 a share. The stock’s a little bit less than 30 right now. We see earnings power here of over $5 a share in good times. It’s a cyclical company, but you want to buy these when they’re down and out.”

- James Tringas, Evergreen Special Values Fund portfolio manager

More investment ideas from CNBC's expert guests:



Buy Beaten-Down Tech Stocks

“I think the techs have been so beaten-down there are some real opportunities. You look at Hewlett Packard, for instance, or Seagate [Technology] , or Lockheed Martin... I think there are some real opportunities there. The techs are really selling cheap. I mean you’re finding Microsoft at levels it hadn’t been in years and years and years.”

- Barry James, James Advantage Funds

Another Bet on Tech

"If investors want to start increasing their exposure in one part of the market, it should be tech, because it's already reflecting a lot of the bad news ... Technology is something that's going to last a lot longer. Tech is going to give you plenty of growth. Another thing that's interesting about technology, is that from a balance sheet perspective, it has very little debt and it's loaded with cash."

- Jason Trennert, Strategas Research Partners chief investment strategist



Stick with Commodities

“If we’re suddenly going to take copper back to $4 a pound, if we continue to see wheat trade above $20 a bushel, if we continue to have crude oil over a hundred, then financial assets are going to be in rather dire straights. I’m long on commodities; I’m short on stocks. I’ve been that way for months now, and I’m going to continue to be that way.”

- Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter

Bullish on Agrium

“Agrium is another one we got. If you had to buy anything, I’d by energy or ag-related stocks, so Terra Industries , Monsanto , Agrium in this space.”

- Jon Najarian,