On the Line: Inverness Medical CEO Ron Zwanziger

Inverness Medical might be happy with its proposed acquisition of Matria Healthcare, but Wall Street sure isn’t. The stock’s been “cut in half,” Cramer said, since announcing the deal.

Inverness Medical Chairman, President and CEO Ron Zwanziger told the Mad Money host that investors just haven’t cozied to the idea yet. Matria is another in a long line of continuous acquisitions for IMA, and Zwanziger’s happy with it.

“I have to think [investors] don’t understand it at the moment, and they panicked a little,” Zwanziger said. “When cool heads return, they’ll endorse it. And I think our shareholders will do very well.”

Despite protestations from Cramer, Zwanziger plans to close the Matria deal. “We’re very confident about it,” he said.

Didn’t look like Cramer was, though. Check the vid.

Jim's charitable trust owns Inverness Medical.

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