Yes, That's Me In Another ("Semi-Pro") Costume

Today, in honor of the movie "Semi-Pro" debuting, I went on "Squawk Box" with an afro and my Flint Tropics jersey T-shirt.



You also might want to see the interview (in video clip) with Tony Ponturo of Anheuser-Busch . Tony talked to us about "Semi-Pro" and the company's new sponsorship of Ultimate Fighting.

One final note on "Semi-Pro." The movie is pretty much getting universally panned, but I don't think that's going to stop the Will Ferrell sports movie train. The Hollywood Reporter says it's unlikely that the movie "will see first-weekend grosses anywhere near those for Farrell's 'Talladega Nights,'" which pulled in $47 million on the way to a $148.2 million domestic take. I say, this opens at $32 million and grosses $121 million, besting "Blades of Glory," which did $118.6 million.

Questions? Comments?