Today's Stock Picks: Energy, Foreign Telecom

As stocks continued to tumble, CNBC asked the experts where they would put money now.

Making Money in Metals

"Silver-- the volatility there and leverage certainly in futures may be hard to swallow except for the fact that the electronic futures, they have smaller size contracts. There's ETFs the SLV. There's ways to get involved in this market and I think going forward we're going to see higher prices in 2008 and into 2009."

John Person, National

Energizing Your Portfolio

"I think the best play-- the best way to play this kind of market is natural resources. Now I hate to be recommending natural resources of what was peak for many of these commodities, but I think the long-term story for natural resources is very sound."

Brian Gendreau, ING Investment Management

Constellation Energy: A Power Play

[On Constellation Energy ] "They do have a number of coal and nuclear-fired generation assets, and as the power cycle expands here, and we have power prices go up, we think those assets are going to be much more profitable, and throw off a lot more cash than is currently expected.” (Full comments)

Michael Santelli, Allegiant Funds Senior Director

Foreign Telecom Plays

[On BT Group ] "It happens to be a stock that our stock analysts like quite a bit right now. It has struggled due to slowing revenue growth, but our analyst likes what he sees in terms of margins." (Full comments)

Christine Benz, Morningstar Director of Personal Finance

Benz also recommends: Thomson S.A.

Overcorrection Opportunities

“We’re probably going to end up with more surprises to the negative before you bottom out in the summer or the late or early fall…blood in the streets is beginning and it’s time to be looking for some things to buy.” (Full comments)

Mike Holland, Holland & Company Chairman

Holland recommends: Berkshire Hathaway , General Electric and Microsoft