Mad Mail: Where's the Deere Pin Action?

Hey Cramer: Last month you talked about EnerNOC . Over the last two days it’s fallen apart. It looks like there’s going to be an investigation. What’s going on? --David

Cramer says: Smart Woman Securities of Harvard first mentioned the stock to Cramer during Ladies Night, and initially he was behind it. SWS defended their pick, saying their “not concerned to the market reaction to the earnings announcement” and that the pullback is “a great buying opportunity.” But with the expenses “out of control,” Cramer said, he had to reconsider his original call.


Hi Jim: Lately you have been talking about ag and Deere . In the past when you talked about Boeing you would talk about suppliers to Boeing and how they would do well. Are there any suppliers to Deere that you like? --Dave in Michigan

Cramer says: “No, this is just a straight out Deere play. I’m not going to recommend anything that goes into that.”


Mr. Cramer: I saw you for the first time on Ellen the other week. That inspired me to watch your show and I'm now a big fan. I saw a high school student call your show for advice on stocks. That was unbelievable and I thought, “If a high school student can do this, so can I.” I know nothing about stocks or investing. I have a 401(k) and a state retirement plan. I'm a single mom (in my 30s) with no debt (except a mortgage payment) but not much extra income. I heard you say on Ellen that a person can start by purchasing just a few stocks. Is that true? Can a person in my situation buy a few stocks at a time and work their way up? --Kelli

Cramer says: “First, try to save up to $10,000 in an index fund. All the big fund families have them. Then I’m going to let you pick individual stocks.”


Mr. Cramer: I am very interested in finding companies that specialize in by-passed oil recovery. I heard there was a small Texas company that is public that does by-passed oil recovery. I’m convinced this is the future for oil production in the USA. Would you happen to know the names of any companies that specialize in enhanced recovery or by-passed oil. I appreciate your help…and we really enjoy your show. Keep up the excellent work. --David

Cramer says: “I’m going to stick with majors, not minors. I’m going to stick with Schlumberger, Halliburton.” Quicksilver has a lot of business like that, Cramer said, “but the stock’s up way too high.”

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