Marijane Voltz of Blogs After The Show!

By creating, I hope to teach children that being Super is whatever they want it


to be—and that being Super comes from within. Super You will help children to build up their self-esteem and foster their creativity. What better super hero to look up to than yourself?

My experience today on “Minute to Millions,” was fantastic and one that I will never forget. Not only did I receive wonderful advice from Maureen Kelly (Tarte Cosmetics), Carol Alt and Donny Deutsch, (which in itself is priceless), but the producers and CNBC family made my family and I feel so welcome.

It was a pleasure to meet actress, Janine Turner; comedians, Christian Finnegan and Chuck Nice and President of Fuzzy Nation, Jennifer Lui.

In my family the motto is, “I Can Do It!” By creating SuperYou and believing in a dream, I look forward to showing children and adults alike, that you can indeed “Do It”.

Enjoy the program tonight and enjoy Being Super!

- Marijane