How The Rich Live: Dispatch from LAX

I'm flying to Aspen, where I will report live on Thursday about homeowners who sell each other "development rights" to get past the 15,000 square foot limit for new homes. Because, for some, 15,000 square feet ain't gonna cut it.

I'm about to take off from LAX. There are a lot of rich people on this plane wearing fur coats and talking about fundraisers. "I haven't even unpacked from Paris," one woman declares in a rush.

People are talking very loudly on the cell phone to friends about dinner. "You know I don't eat seafood."

Two other women are having this conversation:
"I like your ring."
"Thanks, it's Stephen Webster. It's a good vibe color."
"Yes. It helps your chi."

And they both laughed.

I feel like a schlub.

Of course, if they were truly rich, they wouldn't be flying United Express.

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