Minute to Millions: Momspit's After-The-Show Blog

From Lucie and Kim – The MomSpit® Moms

What a day – What an adventure! We are totally thrilled, thoroughly motivated and ready to return to show Donny we’re always up for, and LOVE, a worthy challengeJ


It has been less than one year since launching our MomSpit products and we already enjoy outstanding partnerships with over 40 independent boutiques across the USA and nationally with Amazon. It’s been amazing.

We can’t tell you how gratifying it is to receive the email and feedback that we do from repeat customers and moms sharing their inspirational MomSpit moments. We’re jazzed when grandmothers buy it for their children to use on their grandchildren, and the young adults who purchase and send it home to their moms.

We’re working on new scents and with the great advice from Donny and our expert panel, Laura Udall, CEO Zuca® at www.zuca.com and Leslie Hatfield, CEO NiteSweatz™ at www.nitesweatz.com, we have several new options to research and take forward.

Thank you to Shauna and the CNBC Team. Wow. You made us feel like family, and boy you’re good at what you do! It was a pleasure and an honor to spend time working together.

To all of you out there with entrepreneurial minds~ follow your passion, find something you believe in, research and develop with quality and commitment and keep going.

Thank you to all the Mom Bloggers who have supported us beyond our wildest expectations.

Lucie and Kim