American Apparel: Update On My Update


I blog all the time on various topics in retail. The three topics that have gotten readers fired up: Wal-Mart,late flower deliveries on Valentine's Day and American Apparel. Anyhow, while I've been much more focused on retail sales data and consumer health lately, I have been asked to stay on top of the American Apparel case.

Given the level of viewer/reader interest, I'll keep posting.

I received 2 emails today asking me to clarify and correct that quickee postingon the trial update. While blogs are informal and more stream of consciousness than the level of detailed work that we do here at CNBC on TV and on the news site .com, I do understand that when it comes to a legal case the level of detail that needs to be pointed out/illustrated is higher than what has been on this blog. (I suppose that a blog associated with a major news agency isn't a classic free-thought, detail-less "blog.")

We also aren't paid to post them...a handful of us reporters try to squeeze out free time to fire off some postings. Mine have been erratic of late--sorry. I've been focused on other topics (anchoring,etc) but don't want to leave readers hanging. So I'm going to point readers interested in following the trial to a LA Court link that reader Jake Brown sent in.

Frankly, there's not much to read in the public documents right now but I'm told that they'll be updated if/when something happens. This is more helpful and detailed though than the LA Court call center which I had been using.

Retail Detail reader Jake Brown wrote in this morning to correct errors in my last posting. He wrote: "There is no ruling for or against arbitration in Nelson Vs. AA. The trial has been stayed pending an appeal."

I also received a note from American Apparel's investor relations team. They want to make it clear that the case against Dov Charney is a Non-Quid Pro Quo Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Claim NOT a sexual harassment claim (a term that I have used and has been widely printed in reference to this case.)

Anyhow, I'll blog soon--off now to cover the markets.

Questions? Comments?