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Being part of the Donny Deutsch show today was a great opportunity to meet some terrific entreprenuers while at the same time giving us a chance to spread the word out about the fact that women are starting companies at 2.5 times the rate of male-owned companies today! Wow! We want more flexibilty, meaning and income. Many of us know that this ideal is not going to happen unless we make a decision to invest in ourselves and take a chance. Usually what happens if its well thougt out is an incredible new venture that fulfills on so many levels most women never thougt possible.

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From American Express has some great tips when starting and growing your business. PINK magazine is also launching a new small business section where we feature America's top women in business along with their insights and expertise of balancing eveything from taking your business to the next level to motivating employees and creative financing and much more. We would love your story ideas, feedback and anything you see that women in business need or want to know!

I look forward to reading your emails..I am on my way back to Atlanta to have a fun dinner with my husband, CEO of

. I will give him the play by play of how I thougt today went and how much fun it was to be part of the show. Until next time!