Iger:  Disney Strong, No Downturn Yet

The president and chief executive of the Walt Disney Company says his company is not recession-proof, but it is positioned well enough to avoid being badly hurt in any downturn.

In an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box," Robert Iger admitted Disney faces challenges.

"While it's a little early for us to predict where the year will be, it's clear to us that there are circumstances in the marketplace that are really challenging, whether it's oil prices or what's going on with the mortgage crisis," he said.

Iger said Disney's last quarter showed no evidence of a recessionary impact.

"At that point, when we announced earnings, we had not seen an impact to date from...a global economic crisis or set of challenges," he said.

And he sees a bright future.

"We're very well positioned," he said. "We're on a hot streak, creatively."

Analysts are keeping a close eye on media conglomerates like Disney and its competitors, such as Time Warner and News Corp. , for signs of a consumer pullback.