OJ Gets the Squeeze

080404 OJ.jpg

As Jane Wells pointed out Friday morning, orange juice seems to be getting squeezed when compared to the other headline agricultural commodities.

In fact, frozen OJ is down 23% year to date. Supplies are up and demand is down. Not a good recipe for futures. (Video: Jane Wells on OJ futures)

Here are some of these commodities, sorted from worst to best on a YTD basis.

Agricultural Commodities Performance YTD

Contract Month
Price on 4/3
YTD % Change
Orange Juice May08 110.9 -23.41%
Pork Bellies May08 70.875 -17.56%
Milk May08 14.5 -10.77%
Live Cattle Jun08 89.075 -7.38%
Feeder Cattle May08 100.8 -5.88%
Soybean Meal May08 333.2 -1.04%
Soybeans May08 12.57 3.52%
Wheat May08 937 5.88%
Sugar May08 11.81 9.15%
Cocoa May08 2247 10.42%
Soybean Oil May08 55.37 11.57%
Oats May08 397 29.42%
Corn May08 6 31.72%
Rough Rice May08 20.2 45.69%

Companies that can be impacted include Coca-Cola, which owns many juice brands including Minute Maid, and PepsiCo which owns Tropicana brands.