Apple Breaks Tradition With iPhone SDK Release


It's unusual for Apple to issue press releases, but this was news the company probably couldn't wait to share: We knew that the software developer kit, the so-called SDK for iPhone, was likely going to be a big deal for the Apple community. And now we have some facts.

Apple says that 100,000 iPhone developers downloaded the beta version of the SDK in the first four days that it was available.

In a statement, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing said, "developer reaction to the iPhone SDK has been incredible..."

During the SDK's unveiling, Apple brought several developers on stage to talk about their experiences with the software. They included engineers from Sega,, Electronic Arts and ePocrates.

In the press release today, Apple quotes executives from Intuit, Namco Networks, NetSuite, Rocket Mobile, PopCap, THQ Wireless and others. It's clear that the platform is gaining momentum.

For Apple to disclose download data after only the first four days of the SDK's availability is unusual -- and shows the potential for just how big the iPhone's broader market can become.

The real test will come weeks from now when these first, third-party applications become available to iPhone consumers, and just how well they sell.

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