Playing the Rate Cut: The Experts Speak

The Federal Reserve cut the fed funds rate by three-quarters of a point, to 2.25 percent. CNBC asked the experts how investors should adjust their portfolios. Here's what they said.

Bargain Hunting in Healthcare, Commodity Stocks

"There are a lot of areas in healthcare. Genzyme sold off, Hologic , which is a big medical device company, has sold off sharply. I think that’s a great opportunity here. On the other side of it, I’m actually bullish on most commodity companies ex the grains. So I like energy, but particularly in energy I like oil services, because it’s the one part of the entire global economy where I feel very confident about 15 percent capex growth for each of the next one to two years."

- Gerald Jordan, Jordan Opportunity Fund

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Food & Drink Plays

"When we look at an environment like this where commodity cost pressures are affecting everyone, we do see some standouts in companies that can really get pricing over these commodity costs, because they have such strong brands and they put a lot of support behind marketing and innovation."

- Mitchell Corwin, Morningstar Equity Analyst

Corwin likes General Mills, Kellogg, Campbell Soup, Kraft Foods and ConAgra.




The Case for Praxair & Danaher

“These companies (Praxair and Danaher) have common characteristics. They have durable competitive advantages, they have returns consistently above their capital costs, and they’re each very well positioned to help the infrastructure build out in the developing world.”

- Robert Millen, Jensen Investment Management Portfolio Manager