Five Stocks That Taste Good


What's on the menu for your portfolio? Morningstar equity analyst Mitchell Corwin has pinpointed five food-producing "standouts" with stocks at reasonable prices.

"When we look at an environment like this where commodity cost pressures are affecting everyone, we do see some standouts in companies that can really get pricing over these commodity costs because they have such strong brands," he told CNBC.

Corwin's Picks

"They put a lot of support behind marketing and innovation, and we see General Mills as one of these companies."

Corwin also likes Campbell Soup.

"They definitely had some problems in the near-term in getting their pricing over their costs," he admitted. "They are passing through pricing now, and we see a lot of opportunity with their international investments in Russia and China."

Also on his list are Kellogg. Kraft Foods, and ConAgra.

In all these companies, their products and their customers, he sees an important advantage that makes up for rising commodity prices.

"We've seen some evidence that consumers are eating home more," he said. "They've been shunning 'casual diners,' and that benefits these companies."


Neither Corwin, his family, nor his firm own shares of these companies.