A New Blog For First Time Young Entrepreneurs

I receive many, many questions through The Big Idea Blog and there just isn’t enough space on the site to respond to everyone. So instead of losing these great questions, ideas and


concepts I now have a new blog that supplements all the great content on The Big Idea Blog.

If you have a question, ideas or thoughts, keep sending them to me through Ask The Experts here at The Big Idea, and I will be sure to get back to you and post what I can on Obsidian’s Blog. And if you are a First Time, Young Entrepreneur be sure to regularly visit the O-Blog and give your feedback, comments and ideas.

It’s time to launch your multi-million dollar business and your chances increase if you continue to seek out and share your knowledge. I hope to see you on the O-Blog!

- Mike Michalowicz, Founder of Obsidian Launch and Big Idea Expert Panelist