Lightning Round: Ford, Citigroup, Microsoft and More

Clearwire : Cramer would sell this along with any other stock affiliated with Sprint .

Family Dollar : When the economy is weak, this is where people shop. Cramer would buy it here but dump it as soon as the economy picks up.

Ford : The preferred stock is better than the common, Cramer said, but don’t discount just how terribly the U.S. auto industry performs.

MEMC Electronics : Cramer has a new position on this maker of solar panels: Don’t buy.

Procter & Gamble : “Without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite companies,” Cramer said.

Quicksilver Resources : A completely overlooked oil and gas play, according to Cramer. Hold it if you own it or buy it at $32 if you don’t.

Citigroup : CEO Vikram Pandit has a quite a mess to clean up. As for now, Cramer remains bearish.

Microsoft : It’s not like the old days where Microsoft is going to catch a double in the blink of an eye, but Cramer thinks this company is still a solid place to put money for the long term.

JC Penney : Cramer thinks it sees $32 before it sees $42. Go with Costco , the best-of-breed retail play.

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