Mortgage Bankers Association's Response: We Can Pay Mortgage

The Mortgage Bankersdidn't like my post today, even though I cited the Washington Post as my source. They claim the Post story was not right. I'm not taking sides, I just want all the sides to have their say, so here's the MBA:

“While we appreciate the kind words at the end of today’s Realty Check (and we enjoy working with you), we have to take issue with the statement that MBA “is having trouble paying the mortgage”. It is simply not true. While MBA is seeing a drop in revenue (indicative of the state of the industry) and is responding with a reduction in expenses (as any responsible business would do) MBA’s financial situation remains rock solid, and will be even more so as a result of this purchase. Owning makes more financial sense than renting, especially in the District, which has one of the strongest commercial real estate markets in the country.”

Questions? Comments?