Top Trader: Go Drilling For Large Caps


John Burbank of Passport Capital is one of the trading stars on Trader Monthly's list of the best.

His $4 billion capital fund generated a 200 percent return last year.


What's his secret for effective long-term investing?

"You do your best to stay in the trade, which is a very underrated thing, when you're a longer-term investor," he told CNBC.

"You have a lot of flows going into physical commodities, and not necessarily equities."

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So even looking 12 to 18 months down the road, Burbank does not favor financial stocks.


"As a way of expressing our bet on energy, we prefer large-cap drillers, who have tremendous leverage to greater exploration offshore," he said.

His picks in that category are Transocean, Seadrill, and Pride.


Disclosure information for Burbank was not available.