Cramer: Retail Is Awful

Wednesday’s Stop Trading! turned into a mini-Lightning Round of sorts, as “Street Signs” host Erin Burnett rattled off a list of stocks for Cramer to judge.

Wall Street’s missing the big picture when it comes to Shaw Group and other infrastructure names, Cramer said, referencing the company’s dip after reporting earnings today. Shaw has about $1 trillion worth of orders to bid on, but investors insist on focusing on the short rather than the long term. His advice: Wait until tomorrow to see if there are any cuts in earnings estimates, and then buy SGR.

Don’t touch Circuit City , Cramer said. Best Buy is best in show. Still, there are few retailers he said he’s willing to recommend. At least not while UPS’s poor outlook threatens the sector’s monthly same-store sales. (Fewer deliveries by UPS could mean lower online sales, and, as a result, sales in general, for all retailers.) Costco , Urban Outfitters and Wal-Mart are Mad Money favorites. Other than those, “I don't want anyone to think that I'm recommending any retail stock,” he said.

Lastly, Cramer had an unfavorable view of Cisco Systems , at least in the short term. “The numbers keep coming down,” he said. “The stock's going to go back to $21-$22."

Cisco’s trading at $23 and change today with less than an hour left before the market closes.

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