The Big Idea Effect

We are so happy that we were lucky enough to be selected to be featured on "The Big Idea" on CNBC. The segment was the cam segment regarding "Do you have a Million Dollar Logo".


We were excited to get a chance to be on the show which we just love! We watch it every day! The spot aired on March 13, 2008 . We asked Donny the Question: We know we have a million dollar green idea but do we have a million dollar logo?

His quoted response: "YES, YOU DO! I LOVE IT!!! It's contemporary, it's fresh, it's green, it's cool, it's very well designed, it makes me curious about it, doesn't tell me too much, tells me enough, That's a million dollar logo!!!"

Well, we were seen by so many people literally around the world including a multi-millionaire "retired" franchiser and his wife who franchised Jiffy Lube, Merry Maids, and Subway years back. His wife is a big "green" person and told him to call us immediately as she wants him and us to spread the good healthy cleaning concept around the country. They live in Seattle and asked us to meet them this weekend.

We are drawing up a contract to open 100 "The Green Mop" eco-friendly "Green" cleaning franchise companies throughout the country starting the end of this year!! Thank you so much for the exposure!! This will be a huge step forward in our business because of Donny and "The Big Idea."

- Tony and Mia