3-D Coming To A Television Near You

Sony F-23

It seems like everything looks better with a 3rd dimension so why not watch TV in 3-D if you can? Well, you'll be able to soon. Here in Las Vegas, the NAB conference hall was abuzz about 3-D: the new 3-D cameras from Sony called the F23 and F35 (names that sound like fighter planes).

Clips were shown at the convention from the upcoming 3-D feature, "Journey to Center of the Earth," with the filmmakers explaining the technology. And it was a standing-room only audience for a case study of the concert film U2 3-D (a story I covered when the movie premiered in January.)

And DreamWorks Animation's Jeffrey Katzenberg made a presentation, unveiling a new HP display as well as a special clip of "Kung Fu Panda" in 3D. The movie will only be shown in 2-D, but it gives a hint at the amazing technology Katzenberg has in the works for its movies starting in 2009.

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