Welch's Comments: Accentuating the Negative

Unfortunately, the numbers went the way I expected on the Jack Welch clarification. His positive comments about GE and its CEO, Jeff Immelt, only got about half the traffic on our Web site as his critical comments the day before.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can click here for the recap. But the upshot of my point is ... it's the negative that draws attention.

And there was a lot of negativism in the emails I received too.

Some directed at Welch ....

While I lost some money on GE last Friday, my sympathies are for Immelt. Welch should stop blaming the media, at least this time, as murking up the issue. -- Fearless Widow

And some directed at Immelt ...

Jack Welch rewarded us stockholders with 5 stock splits in a row, with growth and prosperity, but what did Jeff Immelt do to deserve these rosy appraisals? -- Peter

And there were plenty of comments about both too salty too share. CEOs aren't too popular these days. But hey, GE is my parent company ... gotta show a least a little diplomacy, right?

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