Turkey Testicles--Have A Real "Fowl Ball" At The Game

Sioux Falls Canaries
Sioux Falls Canaries
Sioux Falls Canaries

I didn't eat breakfast this morning. You see, I came into the office to find this news release in my e-mail box.


"The Sioux Falls Canaries and Dakota Provisions are teaming up this summer to bring Fowl Balls to concession stands at the Birdcage. The venture makes Sioux Falls Stadium the first sports venue in the country to offer their fans a chance to enjoy turkey testicles."

What? Oh my god.

Here's Rebecca Steele, director of sales and marketing at Dakota Provisions:

"We harvest and process 18,000 Tom Turkeys each day for several different uses, but this might be the most fun," Steele said. "Being able to sell Fowl balls at a sports venue like Sioux Falls Stadium will highlight the versatility of turkeys; one of the most resourceful proteins in all of nature."

Bill Sedelmeier, director of food and beverage for the independent minor league team located in South Dakota, said that fans can dip their breaded and fried "fowl balls" in a variety of sauces including ranch, barbecue and bleu cheese.

Turkey testicles are supposedly popular in China and Japan. In my entire career, this is the one story I just hope that I really have wrong.

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