Rainn Wilson Star of NBC's "The Office" Speaks with Michael Eisner on the Next Episode of CNBC's "Conversations with Michael Eisner" Premiering Monday, April 28th at 9PM & 12AM ET

Rainn Wilson
Rainn Wilson

Below are excerpts from "Conversations With Michael Eisner" on CNBC, which will broadcast Monday, April 28 at 9 PM ET and rebroadcast at Midnight ET. Guest: Rainn Wilson, star of NBC's "The Office."

RAINN WILSON: My wife and I-- at the time we were just boyfriend/girlfriend. We decided our brilliant idea was to start a dog walking service-- called Tails of New York.

MICHAEL EISNER: Clever title.


MICHAEL EISNER: You-- you were good with titles. Like, I know, you had a moving-- what was your moving company called? Transcendental-

RAINN WILSON: Transcendent Moving Company, yeah.

MICHAEL EISNER: --go back to the dogs.

RAINN WILSON: We put flyers all over the city and we got a couple of dogs-- here and there, to walk. And it's-- it's terrible. I mean, it's-- a really cutthroat business. (LAUGH) You know, it's, like, you never think about it but it's, like, all these people have these ins and know supers to leave their cards under the doors. So it's, like, the cutthroat world of dog walkers in Manhattan. And-- we just couldn't ever get-- we wanted to be the people with, like, 11 dogs on the leashes. But we'd only have like two. And then they'd pay us, like, $7 to walk their dog at lunch.

RAINN WILSON: I lived in total squalor. I lived in abandoned buildings and crappy, cold water, five floor walkups.

MICHAEL EISNER: Did your parents come visit you then? Or did you-

RAINN WILSON: They did, yeah. Yeah, I think my uncle from Idaho actually came visit-- came to visit when we were-- brutally mugged-- in East Harlem-

MICHAEL EISNER: The two of you--

RAINN WILSON: And-- and-- my apartment was ransacked. So-

MICHAEL EISNER: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. You and your uncle-

RAINN WILSON: He was visiting at the time-

MICHAEL EISNER: And you both were-

RAINN WILSON: --when this happened.

MICHAEL EISNER: --mugged together? Mugged-

RAINN WILSON: He was back-

MICHAEL EISNER: --meaning, you-- you were robbed?

RAINN WILSON: --at my apartment and me and my girlfriend were robbed. And-- and then-- and then right after that, our apartment was robbed. And that's when we left East Harlem.

MICHAEL EISNER: And-- and went to Williamsburg?

RAINN WILSON: You know, it's a long story, Michael. You don't wanna go-- I-- I-- I lived in New York for about 12 years and I lived in about 14 or 15 different apartments. So it was always just moving around--

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