Midday Stock Chatter: Food and Options


Options, food inflation and -- believe it or not -- travel and leisure plays figured big in Monday's stock chatter on CNBC.

Visa, slated to report after the U.S. markets close Monday, was "the topic of huge speculative interest among options traders on Friday," according to Rebecca Darst of Interactive Brokers. "Clearly it would seem that option activity would favor the upside. ...The question in the case of Visa is, how high can it go?"

Darst also told what options trading says about Yahoo's fate.

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James Altucher of Formula Capital says a new global middle class is enriching certain food companies.

"I like Sysco, which basically has the monopoly on food distribution. ...They've raised their dividend every year for the past 20 years, they have a 3 percent dividend, they've bought back 30 million shares over the past two years."

But he urges caution on buying McDonald's or Kellogg shares.

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Brent Wilsey of Wilsey Asset Management sees opportunity on land and sea.

"If you look at cruise lines, and I'm looking at Carnival ...you'll see that they're trading at the same price they were back during the terrorism of 9-11, and this is amazing," he told CNBC.

Wilsey also praised -- Winnebago?!

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