Vote for Best Warren Buffett Bite of All Time

Buffettstock '08

is just two days away. It's time to start voting on the best 'Buffett Bite' of all time.

Last Sunday, Warren Buffett Watchasked for your nominations for the one pithy, memorable or funny quote that best sums up Buffett's wisdom on investing and life. Thank you to everyone who wrote in.

The problem, of course, is that it's hard to choose just ten, much less five or one.

(Check out the Buffett quote collections at Wikiquote, ThinkExist, Brainy Quote, Global Investor, among many other sites.)

Gritting our teeth, the nominations committee has narrowed down the choices to five nominees. It is admittedly subjective, and your favorite quote may not be on the list. Maybe next year!

Sorry, you can't follow Buffett's example in the Obama-Clinton battle and vote for more than one candidate.

Right now, the polls are open. The nominees are listed on the ballot in random order.

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