The Ten Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistakes

ByMike Michalowicz, Obsidian Launch
Entrepreneurial starts are fraught with missteps, mishaps and mistakes. No matter how steeped you are with business ownership experience, you are bound to run into problems at


some point. The key to your success is to quickly identify your mistakes, learn from them and prevent the same mistake from happening again. Awareness like that can be critical in making the difference between a business success and a business bust.

There are two ways to identify and learn from mistakes. You can make the mistakes yourself and learn the hard way. Or your can learn from the mistakes of others and learn the easy way. No question most entrepreneurs are thick-headed enough that they must learn on there own. But if you’re smart, you will heed the warning of other peoples’ experience and apply the knowledge to your business.

I’ve launched three of my own companies, partnered in many start-ups and have studied hundreds of entrepreneurial successes (and failures). And, yes, I am one of the thick-headed ones. The bad news is that there have been many mistakes made in growing these businesses. Some have been very costly. The good news is that there are certain common denominators to almost all entrepreneurial mistakes, and you can leverage this knowledge to avoid them. Check out the Ten Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistakes which highlights the biggest and most common business blunders made by first-timers. You may be able to evade the pitfalls as you navigate your business on the path to millions.

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