Lightning Round: Sprint, Level 3, Oshkosh and More

Polyone : Cramer is not a fan. He would ring the register on Poly.

Sprint : This is a speculative buy only because Cramer thinks Deutsche Telekom could buy it.

Level 3 : After delivering three bad quarters in a row , LVLT turned things around and had one if its “single best quarters in years” most recently. Cramer needs to see at least one more solid earnings report before he’ll pull the trigger.

Immersion : No, Cramer said. It’s just not working.

Sigma Design : As a maker of chips for Blu-Ray players, you’d think this company would be rolling in it right now. But it’s not doing well, according to Cramer. He wouldn’t be a buyer.

Koppers Holdings : Anything levered to the railroad tie business is fantastic, as far as Cramer is concerned. KOP is a “buy, buy, buy.”

GTXI : Cramer had to pass on this one because he doesn’t know it well enough.

Oshkosh Truck : A once reliable stock, OSK isn’t working right now. “I’m not touching Oshkosh,” Cramer said.

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