Star Wars Fans Get Their 15 Minutes! Plus: Your eMails



Atom Films is again hosting a contest for "Star Wars" fan films, except this year the winners will be aired on Spike TV.

Fans have been spoofing or reconfiguring the movies for years, and, at some point, George Lucas realized copyright be damned! The smartest move was to embrace the love.

The deadline for this year's "Star Wars Challenge" is May 27th. Details are here:

Check out the hilarious film Lucas picked as his favorite last year:
"Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager"

(Though my personal favorite is the classic "Pink Five")


On the Boeing - Northrop Grumman tanker battle, Kenneth P. writes:

Are politicians so out of tune with reality to think that this competition was slanted to go to NG, when in fact Boeing has always had these (honest) politicians in there back pockets? It's time for Boeing to stop resting on its laurels and have its engineers stop taking Geritol with flaxseed oils and start thinking outside the box!! I mean a G5 for the Bams competition!! Come on.... a little sour grapes Boeing????

(Note: the BAMS competition was another big win by Northrop Grumman)

However, Erik K. says:

At the time of announcing the decision, Air Force spokespersons stated that the Air Force had not taken into consideration any implications for the domestic economy. More recently, Air Force staff went on record to express concern for the consequences of a possible reversal in the EU economy, and possible fallout for future arms deals with the EU...I sure hope that the Air Force has not embarked on a process that sacrifices the survival of American air crews to benefit some alternate agenda, in the same way that American troops were sent into the Iraq battlefield without adequate armor.

And Ken T. writes:

"It's been reported that Australia's new Airbus/Northrop Grumman tanker or tankers have been grounded until at least September due to design flaws in the boom system."

(Here is the link to that story in Aviation Week:

Regarding my post that housing may have actually bottomed, Brett B. writes:

Jane, You had better be careful - you might get your media credentials pulled for reporting something that might be construed as being positive in relation to the mortgage/housing markets.

And regarding my tax rebate videos, Bill B. writes:

Don't listen to the critics! I get a chuckle out of your little videos. I would be cautious though, soon there will be someone searching through your trash and putting it on eBay (do they allow home trash incinerators in LA?).

And Jason J. writes:

So do I get the bedazzled Jane Wells shirt?

Hmmm, now there's something for eBay...

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