Trump Sells Palm Beach House for $100 Million

Business magnate Donald Trump recently sold a house in Palm Beach for $100 million, although the U.S. housing sector is still weak, he told "Squawk Box."

"I'm a little bit of a tale of two cities. I just sold a house in Palm Beach for a number of approximately $100 million," Trump said. "I bought it a little while ago and sold it for a lot of money."

"Palm Beach or Manhattan, they are doing pretty well. You go outside of Manhattan, I can't think of a community that's doing well," he added. (The entire Trump Interview can be heard here).

The U.S. economy is driven by oil, Trump added, and at the moment there are better investment opportunities abroad.

"Probably the saddest thing of all is that not many people want to invest in the US right now," he said.

But the situation is likely to improve soon, Trump added. "Things that I couldn't buy a few years ago, I would be buying," he added.