They Said I'd Never Make It: Your Ultimate Playbook

Ask FedEx, Apple or Google what “no” means and they’ll tell you it was a seed that they cultivated into success. These companies never cowered to “no,” they confronted it head on - they were not browbeaten by “no,” they succeeded against all odds. Why can’t you be the next Fex Ex, Apple, or Google? Why can’t you buck the nay-sayers and turn your Big Idea into the American Dream? Here’s today’s Playbook


1 - Having a spouse with doubts about your dream can be a positive thing. use their caution as motivation to plan more thoroughly.

2 - Write a letter to your spouse laying out the reasons for a new business or new career direction.

3 - It may seem simple, but believe in courage. Courage is real. Courage is action. You've got to believe in yourself and make yourself keep going when people tell you "No -- you're not good enough"

4 – How To manage time: When your partner complains “You are not spending enough time with the kids”, listen to your partner and negotiate how you can make better use of your time and still build your business. Include in the discussion things you both will agree on: “I won’t work past 9PM or all day on Saturday etc.”

5 - Our PLAYBOOK PLAY from the Big Network: When someone says NO.. you need to hear NOT YET... People telling you NO are giving you great market research. Listen to it and grow stronger.

The For Your Ultimate Playbook, our experts break it down for you: