Blog: Nothing Bundt Cake

Our husbands said we would never make it selling “just bundt cakes”!! In order to make it a reality we had to go into “stealth mode”. One day we arranged a babysitter and we went to


the library and spent 5 hours researching and brainstorming. Our husbands thought we were shopping!! We had corporate meetings at Starbucks, we spent hours researching starting your own business at Barnes and Noble and we wrote a business plan.

The next family meeting we had, we were prepared. We knew who our market was going to be, how we were going to get the product to that market, what our initial investment would be and what role each of the partners would play. The dream burned brightly and we never lost sight of the flame. We pictured ourselves in our own bundt cake shop, could see ourselves handing our beautiful cakes to our customers and we were willing to do whatever was necessary to make that happen!

In 1998 we opened our doors and from that day forward our friends, family and customers have “gathered round” and we have enjoyed participating in their special occasions. Today, we are a franchise (you should have heard the no’s!) and offer we intend to nothing bundt the best worldwide.

Debbie & Dena - Nothing Bundt Cakes