The Million Dollar Voice: Your Ultimate Playbook

Brace yourself… today is the day that will change your life. Everything's going to be different because you're going to stop being ordinary and start your journey to extraordinary. Today is the day that you muster all the courage and strength in your gut to pursue your passion, achieve your destiny…live your American Dream. Here is today’s playbook for success:


1 - When the most unlikely person in the world tells you that you have something special.. that's a time to perk up the ears and listen. Because your dream is calling.

2 - You may not be hearing your american dream calling... because you are scared to dream big enough. But sometimes that biggest dream imaginable is the one for you.

3 - If you see someone with greater potential than they're realizing, speak up! we're all in the pursuit of the american dream someone else's million dollar voice and push them to reach their true calling.

4 - Sometimes when your American Dream is calling.. it's something you don't want to hear... But listen anyway. You could put yourself on the road to millions

The For Your Ultimate Playbook, Donny and Kimberly Burleson break it down for you: