American Idol: David Archuleta Should Win, But Will Fox?

David Archuleta
David Archuleta

I've been a David Cook fan from the get-go, but here's why David Archuleta should be the next "American Idol":

1-He dominated Tuesday night. His singing, song choices, and confidence were better than Cook's.

2-He will do a better job with whatever awful pop songs the winner is always forced to put on his/her first CD. David Cook can move on to put out a better album.

3-If the stories are true that Archuleta's father is a frightful stage dad, David can please his pop by winning, and then be put in the hands of Clive Davis-types who may start to cut the cord between father and son.

But from a business perspective, since Simon declared last night "a knock-out" for Archuleta, I wonder if that may hurt ratings for tonight's finale. Sure, it'll still be huge for Fox, owned by News Corp, but maybe not quite so huge if everyone assumes it's a fait accompli.

Meantime, here's one of my favorite bloggers on Idol, Kathleen Salvaty. I don't agree with everything she says, but it's a good read.

Here are some highlights from her latest post:

Before I watched tonight's episode, I had planned on voting for David Cook. Now, I don't think I will. Not because I think David C did worse than David A. To the contrary, David C's performance tonight reinforced my belief that he is the only true talent to emerge from this season. Still, I am not going to vote for C because I've decided he's too good to win American Idol...

Did anyone else find it strange that when Ryan said that the American Idol crown was reserved for "champions," the screen flashed only three people: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry? I get the omission of Taylor Hicks. (He has truly been disappeared, though I just saw he's starring on B'way in "Grease"). But doesn't showing Season Five's 4th Place finisher sort of undermine the idea that the finale and Idol title are reserved for the best?

...while David C did an admirable job trying to sing Bono, Ricky Minor and his crew could not hold a candle to The Edge, Larry and Adam. The arrangement was terrible. (The very fact that this song was subjected to "an arrangement" says it all.)

...Simon pronounces Round One for David A. I guess I agree. But that's sort of like declaring Virginia Tech #1 in college football because they're undefeated, even though their toughest opponent was Kansas State.

...You know it was weak when Randy fell back on his "you could sing the phone book" shtick. (When was the last time someone sold a record singing the phone book, Dawg?)

...I hesitated when I heard David C chose "The World I Know" by Collective Soul because I didn't think C could bring anything new to it...I was wrong. This was hands down my favorite performance of the night, and possibly the best of the season.

...Regardless, Simon pronounced that David A had achieved a "knockout" and that Idol had found a star. Then, shockingly, Ryan chimed in with "Well said, Mr. Cowell." And sure enough, the Fat Man (aka Ruben) sang. And it was over.

We might as well shut down the phones because David A has already been crowned the winner. I suppose that's the way it should be. Idol will seal its fate as the show for very young viewers and very old singing stars trying to jump start their careers. David A will win. And David C sell far more records.

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