There's Gotta Be A Better Way: Your Ultimate Playbook

There's no shortage of great ideas - the question is whether or not you have the confidence, drive, and determination to transform your "better way" into a "big idea" to live your "American Dream." The portal to your American Dream is in finding a better way. Whether it's a new idea or a new product, the possibilities are endless. It's time to transform your life.

Round 1: Your Plays

- You cannot be defined by a paycheck
- You must turn off the fear..
- Find a way to snap away the negatives
- Talk back to the nay-saying voices
- Schedule time for your better way

Round 2: Your Plays

- Write down your concept and gameplan
- Do your research! Scour the internet to be sure that no one else has already developed your idea.
- Define your own role
- Keep a list of your "superstars" to help you
- Create excitement for your idea

Round 3: Your Plays

- "Selling" is all about emotion. Tell a story to get people to connect and emotionally invest in your idea.
- Don't try to correct people and tell them they have to change their lives... Show them your ”better-way" idea is a transformation that will elevate their lives!

Round 4: Big Network Plays

- If you're limited for money go to trade shows or small buyers.
- Viral marketing is a very effective new way to get the word out about your idea.

The For Your Ultimate Playbook, Donny and Kimberly Burleson break it down for you: