Judy Rosenberg's $300,000 Lesson & Damage Control

My first big failure in business was not only demoralizing, but also extremely costly. As my p


artner said, it would have been much easier just flushing $300,000 down the toilet.

However, I had to shove the fear and mortification deep down inside me, put on a positive front and carry on; I was the energy behind my creation and I could not allow myself to falter; I had to take what I had learned from this failure and use that knowledge to make decisions in the future. I had to redefine my goals and the direction that my Rosie's would take. I could not allow myself to be defeated.

I enlisted the support of a national organization called the Women' Presidents' Organization and joined a group of women entrepreneurs who met monthly. There I was able to start communicating with other business women who wanted to share their issues and challenges and also give me support and encouragement in my future growth. Now Rosie's has 5 successful locations and has been an institution in the Boston area for over 34 years!

You have to stay positive and remember that you can be responsible for creating your reality to be what you want it to be. When you have a failure, learn from it and move on!